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Hello, and welcome! I am an artist and coach based in Rochester, providing unique and thoughtful pieces of art and a range of supportive coaching services.
My distinctive artwork incorporates a unique design, a signature of my creativity, that tells a narrative of resilience, transformation, and healing. These are not just paintings, but emotive pieces of hanging art that deeply connect with the observer. The variety of canvasses I use range from the traditional to the more innovative, such as wood, stained glass, and imaginative combinations of the two, offering a novel take on artistic expression.
Alongside my artistry, I offer an array of coaching services that aim to inspire, empower, and support. These include workshops, seminars, individual sessions, and programs tailored for recovery, such as Warriors Relapse Prevention, Spiritual Novice: Creating Your Own Spirituality, Spiritual Growth: Developing Your Own Spirituality, and Beyond Breathing: Living Life, Not Just Existing.
My own journey informs my work. As a soldier diagnosed with PTSD and in recovery for over 28 years, I've learned that art provides a powerful healing medium. Through my art, I encourage others to express their feelings and emotions, fostering a deeper level of healing. Every stroke of the brush on canvas opens a path to understanding and healing, a process that is seen and deeply felt in the soul.
The inspiration for my art stems from personal experiences and internal reflections, producing work that is authentic and deeply personal. The challenges I've overcome are embedded in my art, symbolizing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I bring to the table twenty-seven years of military experience and certified skills in career and life counseling, resilience training, suicide prevention, and substance abuse prevention. I am an ordained minister, a certified recovery specialist, and a public speaker and facilitator certified since 2021. I am currently pursuing my second bachelor’s degree in religion after obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.
In essence, my goal is to connect with others through my artwork and coaching services, sharing the transformative power of healing through creative expression.
If you would like to learn more about my work or my services, please don't hesitate to reach out at (585) 348-1008. I am here to join you on your journey towards healing and transformation.

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